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Our Philosophy 

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It is extremely uncomfortable to stand against the crowd. Our uniqueness is our willingness to step into those uncomfortable situations when our research has shown a probable return to operating normalcy.


Our portfolios tend to be eclectic in nature, but the common characteristics are:







This philosophy leads to a portfolio that tends to protect in down markets, and outperform in flat to normally positive markets. The unusual markets that are extremely strong and driven by a single underlying theme without regard for valuation are periods where we typically have strong absolute returns, but have difficulty beating the indexes.



We wrap this philosophy into a sound implementation process that seeks to control macro risks. Our mission is to provide a philosophy and process that leads to excellent, repeatable returns and risk characteristics.



CWC has developed a process to identify stocks with attractive valuations in comparison to their projected growth rates.



Market participants tend to take securities prices to extremes, whether it is taking a growth stock to valuations that would indicate perfection in its prospects, or pricing temporarily troubled companies as if they were to never be heard from again. We seize opportunities to capitalize on market mispricings. Buying a company when expectations factored into the price are low also significantly reduces risk. Our opportunity for significant gain is enhanced when these companies return to favor with mainstream investors.


Poor recent absolute price performance

Strong balance sheet

Superior management team

Attractive valuation compared to future growth

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