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Separately Managed Accounts 

Investment Philosophy

Stock selection 

Securities with low expectations factored into the price.

Price under-performance coupled with growth markets and solid company fundamentals.

Attractive valuations relative to projected growth rates.

Over or underweight market sectors to beat benchmark index.

Crystal Salt


 Investment Process 


  1. Individual Security Screening 

  • Capitalization

  • Financial Strength

  • Price Under-performance (Out of favor with Investors)

  • Valuation Characteristics


   2. Detailed Balance Sheet Analysis 


   3. Business Plan Review 

  • Management Communication 

  • Wall street expectations 

  • Competitor, Customer, Supplier, Employee due diligence.

  • Catalyst to Return to Investor Favor

 ​  4. Calculate Buy and Sell Targets 

  • Normalized Operating Metrics at Average Valuation

Investment Options

Diversified Large Cap 

Individual Stocks

Index - S&P 500

Market Cap: > $5 billion

Diversified Small Cap 

Individual Stocks

Index – Russell 2000

Market Cap: < $5 billion

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